David's Story

 David left school in 1979, writing letters to every Film and TV company in Sydney & he found himself working at Channel 10 as a Studio Hand / Camera Assistant. After 6 months he was offered a job at Sammuelsons Film Service, where he was  trained to be a motion picture camera technician. At the age of 20 he was installing the only helicopter movie camera mount (The Tyler Mount) available in the Southern Hemisphere.

This meant he lived out of a suitcase on the biggest films and TV commercials of the time anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. 

In 1983 David went freelance as a Camera Assistant working on documentaries which took him all around the world,

including Pakistan on the Afghan border, where he lived with a tribe for 2 months on the edge of the Afghan / Russian war zone.

David then worked as a Clapper Loader / Camera Assistant on some of Australia's biggest films such as Mad Max III, 

The Lighthorsemen, Crocodile Dundee II, Silver City and Badlands 2005. 

He also was working on TV and Cinema Commercials in this period.

In 1988 David was offered a job running the camera department and working as a Focus Puller for Ross Wood Productions which was the last of the full in-house crewed production houses in Australia.

Clients included Australian Tourism Paul Hogan campaigns, Toohies, XXXX, Black Douglas and Qantas to name a few.

After 4 years at Ross Wood’s David again went  freelance working with the world’s top commercial companies, such as English based Rigly Scott Associates. This took David to NY, LA, Paris, Morocco, Toronto, PNG, Thailand, Fiji, NZ and even the Sahara Desert.

In this time David worked on films such as The Piano, Mission Impossible, The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Shine, Return To Whoop Whoop, Stealth, South Pacific and others.  Not to mention TV dramas Return To Eden, Police Rescue, Water Rats, Farscape, McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol 1 , Rescue Special Ops, Underbelly 3 and Wild Boys.

David started working as a Camera Operator / Director of Photography in 1998 after 20 years in the industry & working on over 1000 commercials as a Focus Puller.

Purchasing a 35mm 3A Steadicamhe was one of only ten motion picture Steadicam Operators in the country.  

Working on rock clips, TV commercials and movies such as ”The Tracker” set in South Australia's Flinders Ranges.

"The Tracker" won many awards.

 David specialises in Underwater and Aerial Operating along with normal Camera Operating.

He has had 30 years experience in the film industry on films, commercials, rock clips and documentaries.

David was Rob Hunter’s Underwater Assistant for 15 years and has been an Underwater Camera Operator on many of Rob Hunter shoots.

Rob studied under Jacques Cousteau.

As well as working in Film & TV, David has now produced over 1000 Real Estate & corporate videos on the northern beaches of Sydney.